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since 14 years and specializes in selling parts, spare parts and accessories for Dirt and ATV

At UD-Spareparts, our main concern is the satisfaction of our customers, so we will continue to supply spare parts for cross pocket bikes, 125cc scooters, 50cc scooters and for all models of racing pocket bikes we sell.
In case you can't find the spare part you're looking for, take a picture of it and send it to us via the site's contact form. For a fast identification of the part, remember to send us the exact name and model of your vehicle alongside the picture. After we receive your inquiry we'll proceed to the identification of the part and get back to you ASAP.
All orders ship within 24h.
We sell spare parts for Chinese scooter, ATV, mini moto, dirt bikes, superbikes, Polini, Blata (French, Italian, Chinese).
We also sell tuner parts and racing parts.
Videos and mini moto stunts are available on the site. We strive to provide all the spare parts you will need to enjoy your pocket bike, mini moto, Chinese scooter or ATV.

We distribute the most popular brands

Fast Ace, also known under Fastace, uses a high-quality aluminum to manufacture its shock absorbers. Their parts are an ideal choice for all who are looking for high quality parts.

All racing parts for pocket bikes are available: Bizetamotor (BZM) parts, Zocchi (Zochi) parts, Ada (Adaracing) engine parts for use in competition such as engine kits, upgrade kits, head kits, Ninja exhausts, recoil starter (pull start), clutches, chains, carburetors (carbs), tires, ignition coils, CDI, front forks, frames, NOS kit, recoil starter parts, engine parts.

Other parts are also available, such as: racing exhaust systems, clutches (2-shoe clutch, 3-shoe clutch), carburetors (Mikuni,...), air filters (cone air filters, K&N air filters), ignition parts (inner coil or outer coil ignition systems), pull start (aluminum or plastic), carburetor jets (jets for stock carbs or for racing carbs), approved 200cc dirt bikes, ATV, custom 125cc motocross.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding buying a mini moto or preparing your mini moto for competition use.

Spare parts and accessories pocket quads, 49cc pocket bike, mini cross, ATV, supermoto, Chinese scooters, 49cc poket mta4 liquid-cooled,... are imported directly from the USA, Italy, Spain, England and China.

125cc motocross, Chinese scooters, poket bikes, liquid-cooled mini moto (such as camel or 39cc repsol replica) arrive directly by boat, and are distributed to pocket bike wholesalers.