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puce    Back Protectors
puce    Brake System
puce    Cables
puce    Carburetion
puce    Cooling System
puce    Engine, cylinder head, cylinder
puce    Exhaust
puce    Frame
puce    Gauge & Switch assy
puce    Ignition
puce    Piston, Crankshaft, clutch
puce    Quad Fairings
puce    Transmission
puce    Tuner Parts
puce    Wheels and Tires
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Shineray Parts ATV 250 STXE

Parts for ATv Shineray Quad 250cc STXE (XY250STXE)

All parts in this category are suitable for Shineray ATV.

They can be moubted on air-cooled 250cc Shineray ATV STXE (XY 250 STXE | XY250STXE).

We directly import all the products we sell without going through middlemen to offer the best prices on all our products.

On this page you will find all the parts needed to repair your ATV, such as: front sprocket, rear sprocket, tires, wheels, rims, electric starters, starter motors, engines, carburetors, cylinder heads, steering parts, clutches, cables, fairings, A-arms, suspension arms, ball joints, and many more...

Back Protectors

Back Protectors

Full back protectors,
Lumbar protectors,
Low back protectors
Brake System

Brake System

Brake caliper, brake pad,
Brake lever, brake line, brake hose
Front and rear brake caliper,
Brake disc


Hand brake cable,
Clutch cable,
Throttle cable


Carburetors, air filters,
Fuel filters, air box,
Racing filter
Cooling System

Cooling System

Cooling Fan for Shineray Quad STXE
Engine, cylinder head, cylinder

Engine, cylinder head, cylinder

Shineray Engine, rings,
Seals, gaskets, Clutch


Racing Exhaust,
Exhaust gasket, exhaust O-ring


Steering tie rod, wheel hub,
A-arms, Axle,
Steering knuckle, rear bridge
Gauge & Switch assy

Gauge & Switch assy

Gauge, switch assy,
Brake lever, gear sensor,
Handles & Levers


Ignition coil, CDI, lock assy,
Magneto, stator, flywheel,
Batteries, rectifier regulator
Piston, Crankshaft, clutch

Piston, Crankshaft, clutch

Crankshaft, Piston, Transmission, clutch
Quad Fairings

Quad Fairings

Front or rear fairings,
Seat, fuel tank, fuel tank caps,
Headlights, hand protectors


46 tooth rear sprocket #428H,
Drive chain, chain tensioner,
Chain master link,
17 tooth front sprocket
Tuner Parts

Tuner Parts

Handlebar, handle bar ends,
Valve stem, neon lamps,
LED flashers, Tuning
Wheels and Tires

Wheels and Tires

Aluminum rim, Full wheel,
Tires 19x9.5-8,
Tires 21x7-10

Since 2005, UD-Spareparts has specialized in spare parts for Shineray ATV, Bashan ATV, Baotian scooters, Wonjan scooters, Jonway scooters, dirt bikes, pocket bikes, ATV pocket quads, cross pocket bikes, Skyteam Dax, PBR, Monkey.

We offer a large number of parts to allow you to repair your vehicle.

All our products are imported directly without intermediaries, our imports come from China, USA., Spain, Italy and England.

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